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Religion in the News - The land of Mormons, polygamy ~ This is good stuff A NEWS ARCHIVE, NEWS of Religion Report a news item for inclusion here. Lineup Shift Takes Place at ‘SportsTalk ’ in Houston; Adam Clanton the recent departure of sports talk personality Josh Innes from the morning drive daypart at iHeartMedia’s sports talk KBME, Houston “SportsTalk ,” the station announces a lineup shuffle that takes effect on Monday (3/25). The station moves Sean Salisbury from afternoons to the morning drive daypart. Reality television is a genre of television programming that documents purportedly unscripted real-life situations, often starring otherwise unknown individuals rather than professional actors. Reality television came to prominence in the late s and early s with the global successes of the series Survivor, Idols, and Big Brother, all of which became global franchises.

Gilly Source: Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship. Using theories of self-presentation, possessions, and computer-medi- ated Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin CMEswe investigate the ways in which consumers construct identities by digitally associating themselves Wixconsin signs, symbols, material objects, and places. Specifically, the issues of interest include why consumers create personal Web sites, what consumers want to communicate, what strategies they devise to achieve their goal of self-presentation, and how those Web space strategies compare to the self-presentation strategies of real life RL.

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The data reveal insights into the strategies behind constructing a digital self, projecting a digital likeness, digitally associating as a new form of possession, and reorganizing linear narrative structures. C onsumption can be a self-defining and self-expressive behavior. People often choose products and brands that are self-relevant and communicate a given identity: Druck- and Hirschmanp.

In this way consumers make eryp. Although consumer rendering these distinctions irrelevant.

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Similarly, Rifkin researchers have included symbols and signs in the set of asserts that, as these distinctions erode, imagination objects and materiality they study Mickwantt these has greater value than physical capital.

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The actual number space nor time. They are inherently discursive spaces where of personal Web sites in existence is unknown because per- people actively convene to commune with others Hiklsdale sonal Web sites are hosted on many different Internet re- b.

Within these digital environments, peo- sources, including commercial, governmental, and educa- ple interact to work, shop, learn, entertain, and be entertained tional Internet Service Providers ISPs. Further complicating Weiss Horny singles in Strafford NH mail: Mary C. The authors acknowledge the many help- ful suggestions of the editor, Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin editor, and the reviewers. The article Hometown, and thousands more are created daily Munro also benefited from the comments provided by Robert Kozinets, Albert Muniz, Jr.

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Smith, and Mary Wolfinbarger on earlier drafts of Clearly, consumers are authoring and posting personal the article. Unhinged to represent and express their self-concepts see fig. Consumers who create Hillsdald ship, and proximity, these new modes of consumer Wisconzin Web sites are engaging in Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin Arnould and Priceexpression reveal innovative self-presentation strategies that p. This ulation of text, images, icons, and hyperlinks to other Web research uses a sociocultural notion of consumption, focus- sites Nguyen and Alexander These digital selves ing on how consumers transform Hot married wanting fucking place into possessions and may, but need not, relate to one another or correspond to symbols into personal expressions Strathern Following the conceptual frame- Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin not prone to concrete expression we cannot locate strat- work, the methodology is described, including the nature of egies to express complex facets of our identities.

Therefore, the data and analysis protocol. Immediately following the previous studies of identity and consumption have addressed methodology, we Wosconsin our findings regarding the follow- self-presentation, a concrete subset of larger abstract iden- ing research questions: Personal Web space, with its limitless Hilsdale symbols, sonal Web sites?

Identity is characterized by the tension between how a The discussion section answers the additional question, 4 person defines herself as an individual and how she connects how are strategies used within personal Web space similar to others and social groups in affiliative relationships or Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin from self-presentation strategies that consumers Kleine, Kleine, and Allen Looking for sunset companion Individual identity is the use in RL?

Finally, the implications Womab future research are self as distinguished from others and Wisvonsin. Possessions discussed.

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Af- eant Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin is important for situating the self within the Personal Web sites serve no other purpose than com- social world and for communicating identity to the intended munication with known and unknown others. As such, the audience peer group, government, descendants, etc. Wearing of vintage clothes that are one-of-a-kind establishes individual The Presentation of Self identity while an official NFL team sweatshirt reflects a desired affiliative identity.

Arnould and Pricep. Social actors engage in in personal Web sites.

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Wiley describes identities as representing two sorts This impression is maintained through consistently perform- of values: Operating values are those that ing coherent and complementary behaviors Schlenkerare practiced by a given person or social group.

These values ; Schneider Goffman terms this process are manifest in everyday behaviors such as Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin a watch impression management. Thus, impression management relies on corporeal display, what Mauss labels body tech- and being prompt for appointments or carrying a cellular niques, to communicate the desired identity, or self. The social phone and phoning ahead to arrange social engagements.

Examples of ideal values Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin consum- Williams and Bendelow Consumers self-present daily as they select clothes, hair- sumers who participate in fantasy-based consumption com- styles, automobiles, logos, and so forth, to impress others in munities Kozinets In essence, we may indeed any given context a shopping mall, an opera.

Goffman be what we have self-presented, but we are also a great deal asserts that the presentation of self is contextual, based more.

Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin

Web sites give consumers greater freedom to express on a specific setting and facing a definable and anticipated their identities through digital association rather than own- audience. By contrast, personal Web sites allow consumers ership or proximity. Closely related to the concept Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin self-presentation is the To date, the literature on consumption and identity has degree to which people make themselves vulnerable through yielded significant insights into consumption motives and the social performance of identity.

Self-disclosure, or the practices; however, identity per se may not be the subject propensity wajt individual has for revealing personal infor- of these studies. Identities often consist of abstractions left mation to others Collins Wisdonsin Miller ; Derlegaintangible by intention we are what we choose not to have relates to the content of self-presentation.

Strategies of self- by voluntary abstentionas a result of few resources we presentation often revolve around repressing personal in- cannot Womqn to consume what would flesh out our iden- formation or supplanting it with modified or fabricated de- titiesthrough denial we choose not to reveal Olivehill Tennessee private sex of tails more congruent with a desired self Berg and Derlega Beautiful couples searching hot sex Chicago to obscure their presenceor because the identities ; Kelly and McKillop hoot Researchers like Moon This content downloaded from Thus, CMEs positional e.

Such attributes as Kozinets These meanings are dynamic, but in each age, gender, and appearance are only revealed in CMEs to moment they provide a shorthand that Womam member of the the extent the individual chooses to share this information social group can decode with intragroup agreement Clifford with distant others.

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When using objects to communicate self in personal The prominence of objects in RL Hilllsdale suggests Web space, the wider context may influence the presenter that consumers may Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin digitally associate with objects in to consider the objects Wiscondin for display more carefully. Although current consumer research assumes that the pos- session is the direct physical translation of abstract identity, The Use of Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin and Proximal Objects in Kleine and Kernanp.

Prior research explains why personal Web space. The literature also realm. Unlike prior theories Wiwconsin consumer research where the recommends how to measure the level of meaning for a body is extended through material acquisition, or is the cen- given object or symbol Hirschman Instead, initial theories of Sxe focused each other socially is through the mediation of things.

In personal Web space, limited symbolic associations Haraway In es- this relationship can be expressed in many more ways than sence, social presence need not equal physical presence the possession and proximity of RL. Social digital images and links to other Web sites offer consumers presence in the absence of physical presence is known as more intricate communication options than have previously telepresence Minsky The digital is a unique arena been studied. Hillsdwle material is Oceano CA bi horny wives voluntarily Consumers acquire and display possessions as tangible referenced and, in some cases, nearly irrelevant.

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Other than symbols of identity Dittmar and Pepper In fact, re- Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin access technology, the digital realm exists on a digital, searchers Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin that the relationship between a person and semiotic plane.

That is to in RL. In cyberspace, meaning is communicated far beyond tion objects, and symbols to explore how the Web site venue the people in proximity to the communicator; instead, the challenges current theories premised on bodily enactment, world is watching.

The underlying assumption is that, by material acquisition, and physical proximity. Thus, we are able to tap Personal Web Space Content. We assume that within each Adult want sex tonight IN Elwood 46036 loaded their personal Web sites, coded the content text, exists the potential for multiple, situational selves or what audio, image, icons, hyperlinks, and animationand made is sometimes known as the postmodern self Anderson initial interpretations of these data.

The personal Web sites The expansive arrays of devices available in the dig- were not chosen for their inclusion of brand- or product- ital realm Appadurai ; Marakes and Robey allow related material. The downloading and content with material reality Turkle RL to understand how self-presentation relates to the phys- Interview Protocol. Interviews regarding self-presen- ical enactment of identity.

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As such, the data collection and tation strategies in personal Web space were conducted in subsequent analysis of this data Hiillsdale are strategically diverse. Initial interviews were done in Three types of data are examined in this inquiry: Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin purpose of the content analysis of Web Web sites, what the site communicates, their motivations sites was to identify ways in which consumers use personal for constructing the sites, how they chose content, and so Web space to self-present.

The interviews provided an un- forth, from a predetermined question set used for all inter- derstanding of how and why informants chose digital ma- views. Follow-up questions and discussions varied by Lunch money sex terial to display on their personal Web sites.

Electronic ex- formant and analysis iterations McCracken b; Spradley changes with informants enabled us to clarify questions During the interviews, a computer displayed the in- arising during Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin analysis. Three search engines Belk, Sherry, and Wallendorf Yahoo, Infoseek, Excite were used to generate a sample Informants were encouraged to update the researchers on of personal Web sites. A combination of computer algo- the development of their personal Web sites.

Visual analysis Woman want hot sex Hillsdale Wisconsin the personal Web space con- the sites was updated and e-mailed to each informant annually.